What is laravel? And why do we Choose laravel?


Laravel PHP framework was developed with the aim to make a few development tasks easier for developers such as authentication, sessions, caching, and routing.

That means the web application development challenges are resolved using the Laravel PHP framework.

Now, let’s check out what are the benefits that you get if your web application is developed using the Laravel framework.

  1. In-built Authentication & Authorization System
  • Control access to secure resources
  • Handle requested access claims with ease
  • Deny unauthorized requests


  1. Better Handling of Security & Technical Vulnerabilities
  • Better and more secure performance promise
  • Elimination of critical vulnerability issues and security concerns
  • Faster debugging and fixing of security and technical errors


  1. Simplified Mail Integration System
  • Notify users on performing each and every activity
  • Seamlessly integrate mail notification systems
  • Send emails and notifications via SMS & Slack


  1. Cached Memory Integration for Better Performance
  • Better memory management, automatically
  • High-speed execution
  • Improved backend performance


  1. Easier Exception Handling
  • Improved information delivery to end-users through real-time notifications in case of an exception
  • Increased client satisfaction ratio due to user-friendly and informative interface
  • Enhanced usability for the end-user without friction or hiccups


  1. Seamless Automation Testing
  • Faster testing due to automation
  • Automation ensures no gaps are left in testing of core features
  • Accurate performance ratio calculation by handling multiple scenarios


  1. Bifurcation of business logic from presentation logic
  • Faster development and handling of feature addition requests
  • No conflict between UI/UX designers and developers
  • Easy debugging at any stage of development


  1. Simplified URL Routing Configuration
  • Fewer chances of blank URL redirection
  • Better user experience and interactivity
  • Quicker development owing to automatic loading of URL routing configuration


  1. Efficient Task Scheduling and Management Configuration
  • Easy task and process management through automated development, maintenance and communication of schedules
  • Automated handling of redundant tasks like sending periodic emails to subscribers or automatic cleanup of data
  • Simplified time-management for schedules using a single CRON entry


  1. Highly Secure Framework
  • Quickly develop and scale application without worrying of security
  • Handle complex security vulnerabilities without putting in extra efforts
  • In-built fundamental security features for enhanced security


  1. Seamless Database Migration
  • Faster database syncing between development machinery
  • Easier and quick database migration without hassles
  • In-built database migration mechanism


  1. Object-Oriented Library Accessibility
  • No need to invest time and effort in building object-oriented structures
  • In-built library for infusing added functionality in an app
  • Comprehensive object-oriented programming