The ultimate guide to WooCommerce On WordPress

Building an e-commerce store is a hell of a trip. Now, with platforms like WooCommerce, you can have the entire store built with just a few clicks. Being an effective WordPress plugin, Woocommerce helps maintain, measure, manage and create an online store, without getting your hands dirty through too many lines of code. You may know this, but still, have questions about how to set things up with WooCommerce. Well, the configuration can be done, but only after knowing everything about WooCommerce. The discussion that we will have will answer all your initial questions about WooCommerce, which gives you a good reason why you should opt for WooCommerce.

Common problems faced by customers in E-commerce Site

Suppose you belong to a fund that is not technical. Now, you are planning to start an online store. In most cases, it lacks funds to hire programmers who can create a customized online system for you. So, you are looking for a solution that costs only a few hundred dollars or more. Potential concerns at this stage tend to be:
  • Will your e-commerce store accommodate a memorable user experience for a reconnection factor?
  • Can you customize the e-commerce store according to your brand so that everyone can understand?
  • Does your e-commerce store provide enough security for customers to buy safely without compromising information?
  • Can you measure the performance of your online store by tracking the analysis of the store through defined e-commerce statistics?

WooCommerce is easiest and wonderful gateway for Payment.

WooCommerce is a free open source WordPress plugin that helps e-commerce retailers with easy-to-use solutions for their business. Launched in 2011 by WooThemes, WooCommerce is now driving thousands of e-commerce stores nowadays, playing an important role in the e-commerce industry, adopted by more than 300,000 online retailers. Even the best-ranked websites used WooCommerce for their platform with companies like Small Press Expo, Internet Systems Consortium and more. In fact, according to the data compiled by Quantcast through BuiltWith Trends, WooCommerce covers 5% of the websites ranked among the top 113K sites, with 8-9% in the top sites of millions and 5-6% in the top sites. 110000+ sites.

List of all advantages given by WooCommerce For Online store?

Let us quickly scan through the necessities of WooCommerce to be used for an online store design.

1.Open Source Free E-commerce Platforms

Being open source and free is the differentiator, which makes WooCommerce a viable option for all the needs of your online store. It is so easy to use that new corrections and functions can be performed at any time. New extensions or themes can be created easily and also when the capital of your business is very limited. Due to the flexibility and extreme versatility that WooCommerce offers, you can sell many innovative ways online.

2. It is designed with User – Friendly

A lot of implementation and experimentation went into building WooCommerce by taking the add-on to the state where it is now. With WooCommerce, even if you do not have technical knowledge, there is a lot of flexibility in selling products. Even merchants are facilitated by the sale of external products or affiliates, downloadable, virtual or physical products.

3. A Personalized End-User Oriented Approach

WooCommerce is not limited to setting up an online store. As a complete platform in itself, the add-on helps customers with custom panels, which helps maintain a profile, and even update the states associated with all recent orders. Even when running a professional site, and in addition to integrating an online store, WooCommerce can be an ideal option without interrupting other CMS functions.

4. Analytics that is fairly easy to track

This is a key benefit of working with WooCommerce. Your marketing efforts can be managed and measured comprehensively based on trend prediction, behaviour tracking and monitoring of client activities. All this is possible through the verification of inventory, classifications, classifications, statistics of individual customers, average orders, sales based on dates, total sales and other figures, as well as statistics through bar charts. , pie charts, etc.

5. Fully Secured System, So not an issue.

As WordPress is a highly secure platform, more than 25% of the websites work with the platform. The best part is that security updates and security errors are updated so frequently that WooCommerce responds immediately to all security issues.     

6. It has integrated Social Features.

Well, the integrated social characteristics motivate people to spread a word about their social profiles, which translates into a growing number of people associated with their online store. With respect to the mobile social site, WooCommerce significantly reduces the cost of native advertising.

7. Mass Customization Products and Services.

WooCommerce goes well with WooThemes but also with a variety of WordPress themes. The customization process is so easy that it adds a value proposition. There are also a number of widgets and shortcodes offered, which allows you to have a personalized look on your website.

8. Support is readily available at any time.

It is a major concern for most e-merchants that would happen if, at some point, they were really caught up in technical problems. WooCommerce has the support of an excellent support in the form of tutorial videos, discussion forums and many others, with technicians ready at your service. On top of that, there are so many developers ready to support add-ons all the time.


For a new owner of an e-commerce store, it can be difficult to start with things. WooCommerce makes it easy enough for aspiring online retailers to begin their e-commerce trip with a bang. With WordPress on the front line, WooCommerce helps e-commerce startups integrate WordPress transparently with e-commerce.