SEO 2018: Improve List Of Strategy To Get Maximum Organic Traffic in Website

Internet today is all about letting your business updated with moving the contemporary world. Every single upload on the Internet in the form of text, image, audio, video, or file result in a message being conveyed to millions of audience worldwide. This is great since you are floating across your business offerings within a matter of seconds to a global audience with whom it is difficult to reach via conventional modes of advertising methods. Of course, you need to do it in a manner so that search engines find you highly relevant to the context.

However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Just like you, there are many businesses out there wanting to be seen on Internet just like you do, and hence the competition is simply overwhelming. The end users cannot keep up with every single offering from every business. Hence, you as a business need to contribute something great to the society, in terms of an ocean of knowledge that users would love to read about. It is all about getting across your overpowering content for people to take notice of your business above others.

Today, your content has to be really smart in order to gain search engine traction by employing best content writers on board. If you want your business to do really well on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), then just implement the below SEO strategies applicable for 2018, and see the result.

  • Mobile audience is the key to success

With almost every single person today having a Smartphone in the hands and accessing web right from the palms, it comes as no surprise when you have a broad mobile audience segment using the Internet. This is something that most business owners and Internet marketers understand, but do not bother to implement the same. It is ridiculous since the majority of them want to use the Internet on the go, and hence prefer a mobile phone over any other device. Hence, it is wise to have a responsive website design meant for all screen sizes.

  • Work on the website loading time

Users do not have much time to scan a site. If it takes more than 5 seconds for a website page to load, visitors not just lose interest to surf the site any more, but even might not the site ever again. Performance is important, and hence optimize the website by cutting down on pointless content, elements, or components.

  • Social media presence establishes your brand

Having a website with good content and offerings is just not enough. You need to have a strong social media presence with a good number of posts and followers on all the top social networking sites. It is great to have a personal social media space since social networking sites have the most traffic than any other website. Do have your own business page, group, profile, board, account on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and a few more, to have people start liking, commenting, sharing, tweeting, or following you.

  • Start a blog for delivering high-quality content

If your website is static in nature that users will get bored of visiting your site over and over again. However, if you have a constant flow of fresh content on your blog section, people will be interested to see what new information is served and maintain a constant flow of re-engagement.

  • Link building is all about quality and not quantity

Hundreds of backlinks to your site is an outdated trick that does not work anymore. Search engines have become smarter than ever, and so do their algorithms. Instead, focus on getting backlinks from authority sites or top ranked websites, so that you have only relevant quality links pointing to your site.

  • Long tail keywords to be targeted

Short keywords or phrases do not work anymore. Today, it is all about long tail keywords or phrases, due to end users adapting to a more specific approach. The best part of implementing this strategy is not only you have less competition for these long tail keywords, but also a laser targeted audience searching for you.

  • HTTPS has more face value over HTTP

By now, almost every single person knows that https is meant for privacy and confidentiality of the website for security reasons. Today, whenever you see an https tag associated with a site, you know the site is full proof secured, and hence it brings in a sort of confidence to use the site. Many people are concerned about the security issues with different sites. The https factor removes this apprehension allowing users for a confident surfing, and in turn, attracting new visitors to be free of privacy concerns.

  • Deliver users what they want

There is a ground rule for every single business “Customers are always right”. Think of putting yourself in their shoes. Have your website designed in a way keeping in mind what users expect from your site. Start thinking in a manner by which how your users will start responding as soon as they arrive on your site. Design an overall user interface in a way so as to deploy a soothing user experience right from homepage navigation itself. When you catch the nerves of users, your website will immediately click with the audience.

  • Bing, Ask, and Yahoo should not be ignored

Remember, we are discussing Search Engine Optimization and not Google Search Optimization. Of course, Google is the No. 1 search engine worldwide, but it is foolish to neglect Bing, Ask and Yahoo on the second and third spot respectively. There are still users across the globe who are either more comfortable with the latter search engines or probably have Bing or Yahoo search present by default on their system. Hence, if your site is only optimized for Google, you will lose all those Bing and Yahoo users, resulting in potential customers getting lost.

To Summarize:

SEO strategies or techniques we just discussed will make 2018 a Search Engine Optimized year for your website if implemented correctly. If still have doubts about the same, or probably have anything else to share from your end, then just take part in this discussion, and we will let you know whether it works or not.