Reasons to Choose Laravel for enterprise application

The Laravel framework is one of the most exciting piece of work to come along in PHP community. Creator and developer Taylor Otwell has done an amazing job incorporating all the unique features, Integrating third party packages to make it incredible easy to use. This framework is a free open source platform which follows MVC pattern.

Laravel is surely considered as the most widely used framework to build enterprise applications. According to Google trends, Laravel has been extremely popular in recent times over other frameworks like Codeigniter, Zend, symphony etc. Now there are many businesses that don’t know some of the best features Laravel has to offer, which is why they make mistakes while choosing the best framework for their enterprise application development.

Of course, if you will ask to any developer why they love Laravel, they will list numerous technical benefits like its powerful, simple, and elegant and it sticks to modern coding standard.

However, the importance to enterprises may vary but, less development time, easier to learn, and large community which is always up for support are the most appealing to many enterprises. It’s very helpful in developing enterprise application for all different industries. Here listing out some appealing features to make it easier for you.

1. Routing

This framework takes incredible approach to routing. It brings more control to routing process.

It also has caching process, once turned on you can make unlimited changes without worrying about its effect. Also, while creating links, just use the Route number and it will automatically

Insert the correct URI. So with Laravel, Routing is easier than ever.

2. Authentication System

Authentication is a crucial part of any development process, while developers spend much time coding for authentication system in enterprise application, Laravel makes it easier by offering inbuilt authentication system.

3. File system support

Laravel uses third party packages to offer multiple file system support which makes the job easier for developers as they have options to choose local file storage or cloud based storage system. Also, you have options to set up storage options in configuration system database.

4. Unit testing

Laravel offers a great features which runs hundreds of test to make sure new changes don’t break anything. This is one of those features that was much appreciated by developers as it saves time and their effort so they can focus more on executing part rather than finding the bugs. So, less hours of development always saves money and time for enterprises.

5. Laravel Homestead

Laravel offers a pre-packaged box that enables developers to easily install any development environment on their local machine. It means now companies don’t need to spend much time on researching the best practices and development, instead focusing on the implementation of their ideas.

6. Third Party Package

With Laravel, you can integrate any third party service package with ease to transform the overall experience of your web application. However, Laravel comes with some inbuilt official packages Such as the following:

Cashier: It handles all the boilerplate coding in billing subscription.

Envoy: It provides a clean command task which you can run on your server with ease.

Passport: if your web application is using any API, then it must be hard to handle the authentication, Laravel makes a bridge using the passport to send requests to API and maintain the session state so the authentication with APIs works smoothly.


Web applications created on Laravel Framework posed remarkable features as the framework comes with inbuilt unique features like discussed above, with all these features, businesses need not to worry about the market competition as they are built to make an outstanding impact. Finally, Laravel can handle any type of complexities so it doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large, you can create scalable application with splendid UI on the top.

If you want to serve your users a simple, elegant and yet powerful experience on the web, Laravel is by far the best and most popular PHP framework that you must employ