Difference between Website and Web Application

website vs web application

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a software or program which is accessible using any web browser. Its frontend is usually created using languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, which are supported by major browsers. While the backend could use any programming stack like LAMP, MEAN, etc. Unlike mobile apps, there is no specific SDK for developing web applications. Web Applications came to prominence with the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) movement.

Prime reason to choose Website?

  • Helps you to achieve your business goals
  • Allows you to increase your customer support
  • An effective method to showcase your products and services
  • Developing a site helps you to create your social proof
  • Helps you in branding your business

Prime reason to choose  Web Application?

  • Web applications can be used on any platform: Windows, Linux, Mac… as they all support modern browsers.
  • Compared to desktop applications, web applications are easier to maintain by as they use the same code in the entire application. There are no compatibility issues.
  • Mobile App store approval not required in web applications.
  • Released any time and in any form. No need to remind users to update their applications.
  • You can access these web applications 24 hours of the day and 365 days a year from any PC.
  • You can either make use of the computer or your mobile device to access the required data.

Characteristics Of Website

  • Can be easily searched using search engines like Google.
  • User-friendly navigation and web design
  • Quality and relevant Web Content is which richly displayed.

Characteristics Of Web Application

  • Modular and loosely coupled
  • It is easily tested with automated tests.
  • Cloud-hosted and highly scalable
  • Mostly Cross-platform