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What is Custom Web Design?

When using a website builder or CMS software, you’re generally given a ready-made theme to work with unless, of course, you pay to have one custom-built, though this can be expensive. This theme allows you to place certain elements on pages in preset styles and this can create an illusion of uniqueness, when you’re really restricted to the theme’s limitations.

A lot of website builders and CMSs come with a lot of built-in functionality. This is to cater for as many different users as possible, allowing these systems and platforms to target the biggest possible customer base. 

Website security has always been a hot topic on the internet. However, major security breaches in the last couple of years internet and website security has become a major focus for search engines, as well as consumers.

Having a website that can easily grow as your business grows is a pivotal part of taking your business online. Therefore, having your digital presence built with a system that is both scalable to accept larger flows of traffic and flexible so that it is easy to add new functionality to the existing platform is vital for any business looking to expand in the digital world.

Building a website shouldn’t only be a marketing and branding task. One of the biggest and most important reasons to custom build your website is the ability to optimise it for your business. Although you can do a lot with open source CMSs, most of the time getting the functionality to work in a way that is optimised to help your business can be a complicated and expensive process.


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Custom web service, Web Development


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Launch Call

Once you sign up we’ll get your project started with a launch call. The purpose of this call will be to ensure you understand the process we will be going through so we can work together to ensure that your new website is perfectly customized to your needs.

Understanding Your Goals

Once we’ve gone over the process, the rest of the launch call will be focused on understanding your goals. We’re going to need to know about your existing marketing and sales efforts

Design Phase

In designing a custom website, we want to make sure the visual design is in perfect alignment with what the goals are for your website. We’ll create a mockup before loading in all of the content and show it to you. 

Convert Design

Once you approve the design, we do what we call a website conversion. We’ll take the visual layout and turn it into a working website. We’ll create every page needed for the site as well as any menus and navigation.

Content and Functionality

Now that all of the pages are created, we’ll ensure that we include any relevant content from your previous site. If you are rebranding or adding new content to the website we will also help get this correctly implemented in the new site. 

Final Walkthrough and Go Live!

Once finished, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you to ensure that the site achieves the goals gone over in the launch call. We’ll do any final adjustments if needed and get your approval to go “live”. As soon as we have that go-ahead we do our our “Go Live Checklist”.

We Love Our Clients

Brigu Seth

Their overall approach to a project – they’re well-structured approach and integrity. There was no cost increment and I was in fact given extra than what I had asked for.

Hemal Soni

“Though it’s a large project, BSP Technologies is dedicated to working toward the best outcomes. Always ready to support and solve the issues to achieve the desired results, which might not be their responsibility always!”


David Johanson

BSP Technologies was assigned a job to integrate the plugin to WordPress website for product customization for an existing eCommerce website and within a few hours, he completed his job very well!. I appreciate his dedication and timeliness towards the work he provides.

Recommended ALWAYS 🙂

Jay Grieves

Working with BSP Technologies was wonderful! employees communication skills are fantastic and he has great ideas. I hope I get to work with him again!

Roy Sencio

Great experience. I will work with him again in the future.

Sakkthi subramaniyam

BSP Technologies is very passionate about the work he does. He understood the concept and done so many modules foreseeing the future problems which may arise and will become a requirement. I am very much satisfied with his work. The next projects from me will be done by Nirav and his team. I will look for another team only if the project area is not their work domain. The above feedback is true to my knowledge. All the best.

Anup P.

I have been satisfied with the work done by Nirav and his Team, I will Re higher then Soon!

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