Apple Swift Playground: Killer app to teach coding

This year at WWDC, Apple introduced an app for iPad which will go a long way to teach codes in a most interactive and fun way. After spending some time with it, it looks like any developer can use to teach critical and complex coding in a fun way.

The Focus on Swift:

Apple first introduced its new Programming language in back WWDC 2014. Writing swift code is fun, many companies did partnership in providing feedbacks and scaling this language such as companies like IBM. The same year, Apple introduced swift playground at a very amateur stage. Finally, in 2016 Apple launched an iPad app to take it to another level. Apple demonstrates the newer version at the launch, it supports multiple touches to edit the codes and there is a new keyboard which suggests code completion previews

A platform for swift: The Playground App:

After releasing the developer version to get the feedbacks, Apple presented the Swift playground appon the iPad and they will be releasing the app publicly this fall with iOS 10. In the app, you create small programs, called playground and it shows real-time changes while you write the code. The code and playground visuals sync simultaneously which is quite fun to play around. A single line of code can make amazing things to happen. As we say this is an app built for the kid by the adults of Apple. The good thing is they encourage you to play with your creative mind and if something goes wrong, no worries you can make unlimited changes. It’s even easy to share with your friends. Sharing all your creativity, it can’t be more fun.

Interactive lessons:

The swift playground app includes interactive lessons build in the form of Puzzles and different visual experimentation. They aim to teach you different coding concepts and more, like Commands, Functions, Parameters, Loops, and Variables and so on. They have built the stages in a fun way that first you go easy then to complex levels and can do anything you’d imagine with few taps.

Experiment with the code on the go:

If you want to let your creativity run wild then Swift Playground is your thing. Sometimes the best to learn a thing is to explore on your own, make mistakes and improve. The Swift Playground adds new challenges on a regular basis, so you can keep trying something unique. Some puzzles are fun to solve, but some of these challenges require their creativity and coding ability to solve them.

The Powerful API:

Apple hasn’t limited itself to just provide a platform, so you can have fun in learning. They have gone to the next level where you can create your own playground from scratch. There are many APIs in the iOS Application, and with access to them, you can explore the web, generate 3D worlds, experiment with physics and more.

All playgrounds that will be incorporated into the application can be edited, enlarged, mixed or completely redesigned. Then there is no limit, imagine and see the change live.

Designed for Touch:

You won’t be surprised if I say this is the first kind of thing where all the coding will be done by the only tap, you don’t need a Physical keyboard anymore. All you need is to tap on the iPad screen and you can create an entire program on the go.

There are some features worth mentioning:

  • QuickType for the code. The shortcut bar will give you command suggestions on the go. It’s easy and finally possible to write the entire line of coding without touching the keyboard.
  • Touch to Edit. Now you can tap to edit a number in-place with a pop-over keypad, or it displays a colour picker when you touch a colour value.
  • Library of snippets. It will display code snippets suck as loops, structures etc.

What it offers for experienced developers:

Apple has something for everyone. If you’re a developer and know how to create playgrounds using swift languages, Then Apple is inviting you to create incredibly fun playgrounds and share with the younger generation so they can have fun with their creativity.