6 Important Tools Every Small & Medium Business Must Know

Are you still in those days when Google Docs used to be an ideal choice for small businesses? Today, you will find a multitude of tools for dealing with different kinds of business management tasks. Such tools not only help startup entrepreneurs but also help established organizations reach new heights of successes. These tools are helpful in maintaining sanity, saving money, as well as investing valuable time in managing various tasks related to a business.

The ultimate goal of using all these tools is just one – effective time management that can prove valuable in investing in other business activities for escalating sales and revenue. The tools can be related to social media, phone calls, employee management, meeting handling, email campaign management, productivity enhancement tools, and many more. All these products make use of limited resources to enhance all the business processes and save valuable time in business operations.

Let us analyze 8 best tools useful for small and medium enterprises to save time and enhance more productivity, resulting in expanding businesses.

1. Tool for Human Resource – Zenefits

When looking for an all in one platform for managing a team of employees, to meet all the HR related needs including the likes of payroll, compliance, and other HR benefits. By using Zenefits, you can have all the different benefits calculated such as commuter options, HRA, FSA, and other HR related things in a matter of minutes.

2. Tool for Social Media Management – HootSuite HootSuite is possibly the most effective social media management tool, the best for managing social media networks. You can have social media marketing campaigns simplified with a single dashboard to do everything right by interacting with followers to scheduling messages, social campaigns management, and more. Small and medium businesses can maintain up to 100 social profiles, with alternative options in the form of Buffer and TweetDeck. 3. Tool for Project Collaboration and Management – Wrike

You need to work beyond managing projects and traditional tasks handling related to handling a suite of features and letting collaboration be a cake. Wrike helps in doing this by combining project management with a dynamic workspace that holds document sharing activities and discussions. In fact, keep a constant track of deadlines related to projects as well as job allocation among team members. Additionally, you can even align team members together while setting priorities between tasks. Also, ad hoc assignments and project tracking can be done with ease.

4. Tool for Application Management – Freedom Technology is utmost necessary when it comes to blocking distractions. Freedom helps to do that with ease making a team more productive than ever. Networking is temporarily disabled, blocking all the distractive websites as well as apps. As soon as you turn the app on, tell Freedom to work online or offline depending on your need for that specific time period. Such a solution for distraction management helps in scheduling time in advance with pre-decided sessions. You can even use this tool across OSes like Windows, Android, and iOS. 5. Tool for Billable Hours Tracking – Toggl

Tracking hours that are billable can be a real pain, especially when projects are switched on a frequent basis. Toggle helps in getting real-time tracking within one click, helping businesses not to miss out on important billable time. You can set the productivity on a monthly or weekly basis wherein you can set hours as well as billable rates for the same by associating different code colours to different projects. The tool is specifically meant for project teams, to have an overview of the teamwork involved.

6. Tool for Time Tracking – Nutcache

Originally debuted as a tool for time tracking, Nutcache has things accumulated such as expense management, invoicing, time management, and other collaborative project management tools, offering a range of solutions for tracking time. You have multiple web timers running on different accounts keeping track of a range of tasks. Have a track of time as per task spent time, work duration, for preparing an accurate client invoice. Also, a detailed calendar is important to communicate with people working on with you, with the average time spent by employees on individual tasks.

Other than this, you have features for time tracking helping you in assigning projects and tasks to members. With an improved grid for display, it is much easier and simpler to use the tool. In fact, search records can be effectively filtered providing a detailed report, with detailed entries from team members.

Final Notes.

Being an independent entrepreneur, I know how important it is to make use of useful online tools for the success of small and medium enterprises. In fact, business management always takes a backseat when it comes to handling other critical business-related operations. Each tool has a specific purpose to solve, and once you know how to operate them, you are making yourself more productive than ever. However, do see to it which are actually useful for you and which ones not, so that you are not overwhelmed with too many different business tools.