5 Ways to Improve the Speed of WordPress Website

Do you have problems with your WordPress website that does not load or load too slowly? These are the types of problems that you do not want to have when you try to promote your brand on your website. The WordPress is a popular platform and a web server. That may be one of the reasons it’s slower than it should be. This is not a good sign if you are looking to become a successful owner of a website. In fact, this will wreak havoc on your reputation, efforts to build email lists and results if you’re not careful. Follow Below Steps for getting Better Performance in Site.

1. Choose Best Hosting Service Provider

Understanding the technology behind the platform is a big part of the battle. One of the main factors that contribute to having a fast loading site is to choose a fast and reliable web hosting provider. Here you can see a complete list of recommended hosting solutions, from over 80 different site owners and bloggers. When choosing a web hosting platform, make sure to be aware of plans that strictly focus on the use of the website. This will allow much faster speeds than if you try to use an external server that is running too many resources.

For Example:

2. Optimize your homepage

For this, you can borrow minimalists in the interior design of the house. Think, “less is more!” By removing some of the large files and add-ons added to the download time of your site, you will decrease the time it takes to load your page. Remember that the key is to keep people on your page long enough to allow your page to load quickly, allow them to crawl your site and, thankfully, click on your offer or at least on your signup page. If you do not take them to one of them, you really did nothing but guide them through an art exhibition on your site and they left the gallery without buying anything.

Measure Homepage Speed :

3. Resize Images to Minimum size without losing it quality

By optimizing your images and making them a compressed size, you will greatly increase the speed of your customer’s download. Make sure and use a WordPress-friendly.

For Example:

4. Minify Resources (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

A common solution that many online speed tests will recommend is the minification of the JS and CSS files, which will be solved easily in WordPress. Doing so reduces the number of calls made and the size of those files. In turn, you effectively speed up your website.  One of the best ways to achieve this is to use a top quality caching plugin that handles this function automatically in WordPress.

For Example:

5. Use Cache Clear Plugins

The speed of the WordPress site You have probably already heard this one. While you can speed up WordPress using other forms, at least give an opportunity to cache plugins. They work well if you spend time figuring out what works and what does not work.

For Example:

Final Words:

By following these tips to speed up your website, you will be redirected to a fully optimized site ready for each site visitor to click on your website. Just make sure that when you make these changes, you continue to control the speed of your website by using online speed tests. That way you can see the difference and make sure what you are doing is working properly. The speed of WordPress directly influences the authority of your website and can determine the future of your business online. What other ways did you find to increase the speed and success of your sites with WordPress? In the end, taking the time to increase the speed and performance of your WordPress site will not only improve the loading time of your site’s homepage but will help you create a larger email list, increase the sales and user experience.